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Campus criminal activities are on the rise these days. From sexual assault cases to theft to identity theft, these types of crimes can be harmful to both your career and your education. If you are accused of a crime on campus, you’ll need an experienced campus crime attorney.

While campus crimes may not always make the news, they can still affect seriously your grades, your future, and any financial aid you’ve worked so hard to obtain. Too many people find themselves in deep trouble after being accused of a crime they didn’t commit, but having the help of an effective campus crime attorney can make all the difference in the world.

Even if you believe you are innocent, hiring an experienced criminal attorney who specializes in campus crime in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado will ensure that you have the best opportunity to clear your name.

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Common Campus Crimes

One of the most common situations that may call for the services of a campus crime attorney is the accusation of a sex crime. Deadly serious with consequences that could ruin your life, a conviction for a sex crime is a life-altering experience. And, not in a good way.

If you were caught with illegal drugs or alcohol, you may also face a felony charge. While these crimes may not sound severe, schools frequently punish students for carrying illegal substances on their person, and that could include an apartment or campus apartment. Any drugs found on a person’s person will be used against them during any trial, so it is vital that you get the advice of a competent criminal defense attorney who specializes in campus crimes soon after being accused of any offense.

If you’re found guilty of a serious crime, it could mean the end of your education and possibly a long jail term.

Sexual crimes are just one reason people end up facing criminal prosecution in Loveland, Fort Collins or anywhere in Northern Colorado when it comes to their colleges or universities.

Another common scenario involves a violent crime, usually assault.

If you’ve been accused of rape, assault, murder, or even child molestation, you should consider hiring a Fort Collins criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. There are several different kinds of crimes that fall under this category, including felonies and misdemeanors. Some other types of crimes include:

If you’re a student who’s been charged with a serious felony, it’s very important to find the right¬† criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Hiring a competent campus crime attorney can ensure that you get the best outcome from the charges against you.

Keeping You Out Of Jail And Protecting Your Future

Not only can good legal representation keep criminal charges off your permanent record, but they can also help you get out of probation or house arrest.

In some instances, you may even be able to avoid jail time altogether. The first step you’ll need to take when you’re facing serious campus crimes such as sexual assault, rape, murder, armed robbery, vehicular manslaughter, abuse/negation of a child, burglary, drug crimes, and more is to locate an experienced Northern Colorado Criminal Attorney. Don’t put off this crucial step. Don’t wait until you’ve suffered the consequences of an accusation of a campus crime.

You’ll want to make sure your case is handled properly from the start. You need Ash McCuaig.

Even if you’ve only been accused of a misdemeanor, you could still have serious consequences on your life. You could lose your financial aid, be expelled, lose your license, be put on probation, be required to take drug treatment or counseling, and more. Don’t put it off any longer. Contact Ash McCuaig now and make an free initial appointment to discuss your case.¬†

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