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When a serious car accident does occur, it can be something that will change your life in many ways that you would never consider.

  • If you get injured, it might not be possible for you to go back to work, just because you can’t physically do the work you routinely did before the accident.
  • Even if you’re fortunate enough to avoid injury, your vehicle itself could be damaged, if not completely totaled. In such a case, you might be left wondering who is going to pay for it.
  • Certain activities you do regularly outside of work, like playing with your kids or just walking around the shopping mall, might not be as simple as you are used to, just given the nature of any injuries that you sustained.
  • If you can’t go to work, you aren’t capable of making the money you need to support yourself and your family. That can wind up leading to serious financial stress as your bills begin to pile up.

If you want to protect your personal rights to any potential compensation for your injuries or property damage, then finding an experienced Loveland car accident attorney is a crucial move for you to make.

After An Accident, Just Who Exactly Is Responsible?

Loveland car accident attorneyYou might know exactly who triggered your car accident. However, if you want to establish a legitimate claim in pursuit of monetary reimbursement, you’re going to have to prove a particular party was negligent, careless, or both. Several factors are useful in determining when or if another party didn’t uphold their specific duty of care. These factors include but are not limited the following:

Distracted Drivers

Distracted driver happens much more easily than people think. Just looking at any sign too long or taking your eyes off of the road for a moment to change a radio station both count. These simple yet small distractions can wind up changing the course of your life, and they might end someone else’s. Talking on your phone, texting, conversing with passengers, grooming, eating, and drinking are all things that can result in collisions with disastrous results.

Speeding Drivers

Drivers don’t have to go over the speed limit to wind up being held liable for fatal crashes. Even at or under the speed limit posted, drivers can be held accountable for driving at speeds that aren’t safe for the current weather and traffic conditions.

Drivers Under The Influence

Drivers operating vehicles while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol have higher levels of risk for instigating fatal accidents.

Reckless Drivers

Quite a few serious vehicle collisions happen at otherwise normal intersections, caused by a reckless driver. Many accidents are due to drivers that fail to adhere to traffic control devices, including stop signs and traffic lights.

3rd-Party Negligence

Third parties might be deemed as responsible for conditions resulting in a car accident due to specifics such as defective vehicle parts and hazardous road conditions (road construction that may be improperly marked for example). As with drivers actually involved, they can and should be held responsible for any negligence they were a party to.

Make sure you get great representation by having an assertive and experienced Loveland car accident lawyer fighting for you in your battle with the legal system and insurance companies.

2 Years Is All You Have To File Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

In the state of Colorado, you only get two years starting from the actual accident date in order to file your personal injury lawsuit for your injuries. For personal property there is a three year limit, so you had better not waste time.

This particular statute doesn’t apply to the amount of time you have for filing through your insurance company. However, filing claims through insurance can be long and complex procedures in their own right, whether, you file a third-party claim through another party’s insurance or file through you personal insurance, as you would do in the event of uninsured motorist accidents.

Insurance filing times can quickly eat up how much time the statute of limitations gives you, resulting in minimizing your options. In such cases, insurance adjusters, who are looking out for themselves more than anyone, might offer you only a portion of the damages you should otherwise be entitled to.

Hire A Loveland Car Accident Attorney Before You Speak To An Insurance Adjuster

Before you speak with any insurance adjuster, you should always consult an experienced Loveland car accident lawyer. This way, you can avoid making unintentional comments that go on record and hurt your claim later in the process.

The statute of limitations is different if you are injured by any government entity, like if you are hurt by a city bus. In cases such as these, the time limit is more likely to be only six months. The right personal injury lawyer is a tremendous asset in terms of dealing with claims specifically directed at government bodies.

The Value Of A Colorado Vehicle Accident Claim

In the long run, the objective of any car accident personal injury claim is to give the injured party sufficient financial support to cover any losses resulting from the accident in question. If you or your property has been damaged in a car accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries and your property damage.

Sadly, quite a few traffic collisions wind up leading to long-running battles and heartbreaking stories. For instance, just one severe crash might leave survivors dealing with very serious conditions, be it whiplash or brain damage to lost limbs or even paralysis, all of which can have very detrimental impact on the quality of their lives – forever. If someone is else is responsible for those damages, then it’s only right that they get properly held accountable.

What Can A Car Accident Attorney Do For You?

Experienced and aggressive legal representation is necessary if you want to protect you personal rights, and get the compensation you deserve. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Anytime legal fault is in dispute
  • You’re not sure how to evaluate your own personal claim
  • When there might be question or debate about past injuries
  • Another party involved in that accident is serving you with a potential or actual lawsuit
  • You are offered a settlement that’s too low to compensate for injuries or property damage

Our focus is ensuring you get the compensation that you deserve and truly need without being shortchanged along the way.

We’ll go over the details of your accident and all that we can to demonstrate the negligence of the other driver while also offering specific details about any various injuries that you sustained.

We’ll create a case before we consult with any insurance company so we can try and net you as much cash possible. Insurance companies are more likely to proved fair settlements when they see how serious we are. If they don’t provide a fair settlement, then we’ll be ready to go to court.

We’re able to find the money that insurance companies know you are truly entitled to.

Customized, Personalized Legal Representation

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, then you have enough to deal with. Don’t handle it all alone. Let an experienced Loveland personal injury lawyer offer you guidance and legal representation when you need to negotiate a settlement or file a lawsuit following your car accident.

Ash McCuaig is known for crafting a smart and unique strategy for each specific case, as the particular legal needs dictate, so that you get truly personalized attention and care.

Call today forĀ  free, no-obligation case review to make sure you are getting the compensation you deserve.

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