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Among the more commonly ticketed traffic charges in Colorado is that of careless driving.

According to the Colorado’s Careless Driving Statute, careless driving is committed whenever an individual operates a motor vehicle in an imprudent or careless way that lacks concern about the traffic, road conditions, and other related circumstances.

While this is indeed a rather vague articulation of what is required in order to be convicted of this offense, that is essentially the definition provided by the law.

One of the reasons that this offense is charged so frequently in Colorado is that the statutory definition is so vague. As such, almost any conduct that deviates from normal operation of a vehicle could be considered to fall into this category.

Virtually any time of unusual conduct on the roadways could conceivably be included. This alone may be the reason why you are susceptible to a careless driving charge if you are pulled over by an officer of the law.

Should You Simply Pay The Ticket Without Fighting Back? No!

While you might not think that being cited for careless driving is a very big deal, there are definite drawbacks to simply conceding off the bat, paying your ticket and moving forward without a fight. Indeed, there can be serious consequences to your drivers license and your own future prospects.

Not only do tickets cost you in terms of your own driving privileges, tickets of this sort are costly, inconvenient, and can bring additional expenses you may not have expected. Higher insurance premiums for the following few years are among the unanticipated results of this type of ticket.

There are many traffic violations that can place your driver’s license in jeopardy and some that even put jail time on the table. The bottom line is that it is often smart to fight a ticket of this nature, because you may indeed be able to achieve a dismissal in your case.

Securing the help of a Loveland careless driving lawyer is the first step in fighting a carless driving ticket and working to have it reduced or dropped altogether. If you already have points on your driving record, an additional conviction could have devastating consequences, possibly even the loss of your driver’s license!

Wise To Hire A Loveland Careless Driving Lawyer

There are a number of traffic offenses that bring criminal penalties, and some of the ones for which we have achieved dismissals and penalty reductions include driving without a license, driving with an expired license, reckless driving, driving unregistered vehicle, eluding police, drag racing, and more.

Whenever one or more of these offenses have been charged, and you are facing the possibility of serious sanctions, fighting the ticket with an experienced Loveland Careless Driving Lawyer  can be your best course of action.

Working With A Skilled Loveland Careless Driving Lawyer

If you are currently facing a careless driving charge, now is the time to secure the assistance of an experienced Loveland criminal defense attorney.

Ash McCuaig is a Loveland defense attorney who is prepared to do battle on your behalf in court. It does not pay to take your chances when it comes to dealing with a careless driving charge in Colorado.

If you are convicted, the ramifications can be serious indeed, both in terms of your ability to drive a vehicle and in terms of your insurance costs going forward.

For information and advice about how to proceed, get in touch with the McCuaig Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation. We will work hard to help you maintain your driving privileges, lower potential penalties and fines, and perhaps prevent points from being assigned to your driving record.

Get in contact with The McCuaig Law Firm today for the guidance you need. A skilled Loveland careless driving lawyer will shoulder the burden on your behalf and fight to protect your rights.

We are proud to offer free case reviews. The sooner you speak to Ash McCuaig about fighting back against your careless driving citation, the sooner we can put our resources to work for you.

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