Case Results

Here are just a few of our many case results – results of actual legal cases where Ash McCuaig was able to make a difference for his clients. Will you be our next case result as a happy client?

​Probation Complaint – Resolved!

One of our clients had a probation complaint hanging over her head for years, afraid that she might end up in jail or prison because of it. She doesn’t have to stress any longer, because this week, Ash got the complaint resolved without any further probation, jail time, or fees!

He advocated for her with her probation officer, the DA, and the judge, and now, all she has to do is spend some time giving back to her community through useful public service.

The case is resolved and she can get back to focusing on her life instead of worrying about her freedom! No matter what stage your criminal case is in, we can help. Give us a call today so we can start working for YOU!

Case Dismissed

Our client was crossing the street this summer when she was hit by a car. The police arrived and issued our client a ticket instead of the car that hit her. She suffered multiple injuries that threatened her career in the armed forces, and on top of that was facing criminal charges.

She called us, and Ash got to work. He worked hard to persuade the DA to dismiss the case against her in its entirety. He knew that what happened to her was not just. The DA eventually agreed, and all charges were dropped against her yesterday.

Now she can focus on her health and get back to serving our country. If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, give us a call. We work hard for our clients, and for justice on their behalf.

Arrest Warrants – Gone!

We’ve been getting warrants quashed left and right for our clients this week, in courthouses across the state!

One client has had an open warrant for her arrest hanging over her head for the past decade, and is now free to live her life (including visiting sick family) without worrying about being arrested unexpectedly.

We work to get your life back on track, no matter what has derailed it. Give us a call today so we can help!

Eviction Stopped

This week, Ash stopped the unlawful eviction of an elderly man and his son.

Our client came to us after his landlord posted an eviction notice on his door, despite his never being late on a rent payment. He was concerned that he’d unknowingly signed something allowing his landlord to evict him without cause.

An eviction would leave him and his son homeless. Ash jumped into action, and made clear to the landlord that the eviction was unlawful, and would cost them if they pursued it.

After Ash got involved, the landlord backed off any threats of eviction or rent-hiking! Our client and his son are safe and warm today in their home, where they belong.

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