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Are you accused of a crime you didn’t commit? Perhaps the traffic ticket you just got you didn’t deserve. Did a domestic situation get a little out of control? Certainly, you’re NOT a criminal, but the Prosecutor has charged you with a crime, and it’s their job to see that you are convicted.

You’re a good person who may have made a mistake. Maybe you just got caught up in circumstances beyond your control. Either way, a conviction In Loveland, CO will turn your life upside down in ways you’ve never dreamed of.

The criminal justice system can be overwhelming and confusing for someone who isn’t familiar. You really don’t know where to turn for help, but you do need help.

Now, you’re suddenly searching for a Loveland Criminal Defense Attorney who can help you get your life back.

Experience, Commitment & Dedication

I’m Loveland Criminal Defense Attorney Ash McCuaig and I know what you’re up against.

As a former Prosecutor with the state of Colorado, I know that the State will aggressively pursue charges against you  until they get a conviction. That’s their job. My job is to defend you against all charges using my years of experience and intimate knowledge of the Colorado legal system.

I have the experience and the commitment you need for the best possible outcome for your case.

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Yes, just call my office and make an appointment for a free consultation today. There is no obligation and no risk to you.

What Crimes Do You Specialize in?

In addition to most types of criminal defense, we help those accused of;

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