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A Loveland DUI Attorney Is Critical If Charged With A DUI Or DWAI

DUI Attorney Loveland CO​A DUI (driving under the influence) or a DWAI (driving while ability impaired) charge can result in feelings of shame and fear. Not to mention the possibility of the loss of your driver’s license, a possible prison sentence, heavy fines and very high costs if convicted or not.

Having a DUI conviction on your record can cause problems for years to come and will affect your life in ways you’ve never dreamed of.

If you lose your driving privileges you may lose your job, your home and even your family if convicted. That’s why you need an experienced Loveland Criminal Defense Attorney to vigorously protect your rights under the law, and to look for every way possible to preserve your way of life as you now know it.

Some people, for example, are not aware that you can receive a DUI charge for driving after you take a medication that has been prescribed to you or you can be charged with a DUI even when you are not driving and simply sitting inside your car. An experienced Loveland DUI attorney will know how to handle every situation within a DUI or a DWAI charge.

DUI Gets All The Press But DWAI Is Very Serious

Although DUIs are what makes the news, driving while ability impaired or a DWAI, is a lesser-known and more subjective offense that comes with penalties that are nearly comparable to a DUI in the state of Colorado. Colorado’s DWAI statute states that you are guilty of DWAI when you drive while your ability has been impaired even slightly.

However, your world does not need to come to an end if you are faced with a DUI or a DWAI charge. The McCuaig Law Firm understands that people make mistakes sometimes and we can help you. We have defended many clients after they have been arrested for drunk driving.

We will analyze your situation and prepare a strong defense for you. We thoroughly understand Colorado laws in addition to the prosecutors and judges and will aim to get the most favorable outcome for you. Ash McCuaig has the experience to carefully analyze your arrest and look for any flaws, mistakes or omissions in the prosecutor’s case. Ash can then work to possibly get your case dropped by the DA.

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

There are two key areas that an effective defense depends on – evidence of impairment and the BAC. A blood or breathalyzer test will determine what your blood alcohol content (BAC) is.

You and your Loveland lawyer should and can question the procedures and process of your blood alcohol concentration test.

For the test to be precise, it is necessary for accurate procedures to be followed, every time, all the time. Also, the machines used for conducting these tests need to be maintained in perfect working order. These two facts open up numerous opportunities for the test to be administered improperly which can cause the results to be inaccurate.

Your experienced DUI attorney can find errors and omissions like these to get your DUI case dropped. 

You have the risk to ask for your BAC sample to be retested. If the results from the retest differ from the original in any way, it might show that the results are unreliable and they might be thrown out.

However, BAC evidence is occasionally not preserved properly or might have even been thrown away. That is another reason why a retest should be requested. We will be sure to ask those questions because the answers are absolutely critical to your defense.

Also. the BAC test only is relevant and effective for the time when you were driving. Therefore, if the BAC test is conducted a long time after you were stopped, the test results might not be admissible. Your Loveland DUI attorney is aware of this.

A DUI Charge From Taking Prescription Drugs

Sometimes you might be charged with a DUI and not be aware you have done anything wrong. Some people, for example, are not aware that you can receive a DU charge for driving after you have taken prescribed medication or you can receive a DUI without driving when you are simply sitting inside your car.

However, your world doesn’t need to come to an end if you have been charged with a DUI.

We know that mistakes happen sometimes. When they occur, you need to have an experienced Loveland DUI Lawyer to aggressively defend your rights. We will analyze your situation and prepare a strong defense based on our years of experience working with DUI cases. We thoroughly understand Colorado laws in addition to the prosecutors and judges and will aim to get the most favorable outcome for you.

The total cost of a DUI charge can be quite expensive. According to the Colorado Department Of Transportation, the average cost for a DUI in Colorado is $13,530! When convicted of a DUI charge in Loveland, Fort Collins or anywhere in Northern Colorado, it also can result in you losing your insurance coverage, having to pay higher insurance premiums, losing your career or job, and having a difficult time in the future getting a new job.

In Loveland, a DUI may be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor. There are “aggravating circumstances” as well – which are elements of a crime that come with longer jail time or stiffer penalties if you are found to be guilty. There will likely be greater penalties if you are faced with additional charges or a felony DUI.

Here are examples of some aggravating circumstances:

  • Did you refuse to take a breath test?
  • Was your BAC (blood alcohol level) higher than 15%
  • Was a child less than 14 years old riding in your vehicle
  • Did you injure someone?

If any of those aggravating circumstances were present when you were arrested, it is required under Colorado state law that an interlock ignition device must be installed on any vehicle that the offender operates. Even if it is their first DUI charge.

If you carry a commercial license or you are required by your job to drive, a DUI conviction may severely affect your family and income. Also, your DUI record can damage your current as well as future earning prospect. Your situation will not improve by ignoring these charges. That often makes things worse. You have just a short amount of time to ask for a DMV hearing to prevent your driver’s license from being automatically suspended.

When you are not sure what steps need to be taken, call The McCuaig Law Firm right away for your free case evaluation. It may be possible for you to retain your driver’s license and avoid a jail term if charged with a DUI. Call us today for assistance.

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