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Have you been accused of harassment in Loveland, and are the allegations false?

In the state of Colorado, harassment is one of the most reported and filed criminal charges filed. The truth is that making allegations is easy, and if the accuser is believable, then it doesn’t take much for a prosecutor to “prove” the charges. This is even with lack of real evidence.

It is important to have a qualified Loveland criminal defense attorney by your side. An experienced Loveland harassment attorney can look at and analyze the facts surrounding your case, oftentimes finding holes and opportunities to reduce or even drop charges.

Your attorney will use these facts to craft a strategy to defend you and he will represent you and tell your side of the story. Being convicted of harassment goes beyond potential jail time and a fine; It can follow you around long after you served your time or paid your fines.

Harassment Charges & Domestic Disturbances

All too often, police respond to a domestic disturbance, and one party will accuse the other person of touching them. You can be charged even if no injury has been caused, as this is considered third-degree assault. The difference between the two charges is that some degree of bodily injury is required in order for a third-degree assault charge to be brought forth. Bodily injury is defined as pain, which can be something as seemingly harmless as a pinch.

Harassment Difficult To Prove

The truth is it can be difficult to prove harassment and harassment is frequently used to charge someone with when evidence of a more serious crime is absent. Harassment is often associated with incident involving domestic disturbances or violence. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, then you’ll want to hire an experienced attorney.

Punishment In Colorado – Get A Harassment Attorney

If you are convicted of this type of crime, then you could spend up to six months in jail in Colorado, and the penalties are not as severe as being convicted as assault. However, it is important to have a harassment misdemeanor defense because being convicted of the crime can hurt your employment chances, as well as impact you in various other ways. You can also be put on probation or be sentenced to jail.

Harassment Convictions & Indirect Results

If you’re charged with harassment, then your life can become severely impacted. You could end up spending time behind bars, hit with thousands of dollars in fines and your reputation could be affected. Not only that, but your relationships and career can be affected because many companies might think you have a violent personality if you have been convicted of harassment.

Have you been charged with criminal harassment? If so, then hire a Loveland harassment harassment attorney right away. The sooner you do, the better off you’ll be.

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