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Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense in Loveland, Fort Collins or in the Northern Colorado area, you need an expert on your side. The police and prosecutors have years of experience, you need the same experience on your side with top Loveland Criminal Defense Attorney Ash McCuaig.


A conviction for DUI/DWAI can be very costly, not just in money and time, but your job and freedom may be at stake as well and can count as a strike against you in future criminal cases. You need an advocate on your side who knows the system and can fight back against the charges and get you the best outcome for today and for your future.

Domestic Violence Defense

A domestic violence charge is a serious issue that can impact your rights now and in the future, putting limitations on your freedoms in many different areas.  Domestic violence cases can be used as aggravators in future sentencings and thus it is important that you obtain the best outcome now in order to safeguard your rights moving forward.  You will need an experienced attorney who knows the system, the potential future consequences, and the way to prevent them from harming you.

Protection Order

Protection orders in Colorado can be granted in either a civil or criminal case.  A civil protection order can be sought to prevent harassment or to mitigate a real threat of violence. If you need a protection order to prevent someone from harassing you or harming you The McCuaig Law Firm can help.  We will work within the system to keep you and your property safe from a known threat is important and takes an experienced advocate.

Traffic Offenses

Have you been involved in a traffic accident and charged with careless or reckless driving or something that seems less serious? Your driving privileges could be at risk and you could be facing jail time. Any moving traffic violation can present a risk of you losing your driving privileges, which is why no traffic offense is too small to consult an advocate who can help you navigate the system and reach a favorable outcome. Let the McCuaig Law Firm help with your defense.


When an argument escalates to physical blows, you could be charged with assault. Potential sentences from assault charges range from county jail time on misdemeanor charges to the possibility of more than a decade in prison on felony charges.  If you are charged with Assault you need an advocate who knows the law, and knows that there are affirmative defenses that must be raised to keep you from being incarcerated.  The McCuaig Law Firm has the experience you need to make sure that you don’t suffer the consequences from someone else’s bad acts.


If you were involved in a disagreement and someone called the police you likely were charged with harassment.  While the disagreement may not have been that serious, the charges and potential criminal record can be.  You need a defense attorney who can help secure a resolution to your case that won’t hurt your future employment opportunities.


While there are different levels of Homicide offenses there is no charge in Colorado that is more serious.  Homicide cases can result in life in prison without the possibility of ever being released.  If you have been charged with any offense involving homicide, you will need a criminal defense attorney who has the experience to protect you and your rights.  As a prosecutor, Ash has participated in every aspect of homicide cases from responding to the scene, observing autopsies, recreating the scene, and trials. Ash has the experience you need and the knowledge of how the prosecution will build its case against you.  When you face a charge this serious, you need an attorney that has the experience to achieve the best outcome for you. The McCuaig Law Firm has that experience.

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If you have been charged with a crime, DON’T WAIT! You need an expert criminal defense attorney to help you understand your rights and the legal process.